"Knowing the safety and well being of your family and property is protected is arguably priceless"

Security And Intruder Monitoring Systems

According to recent statistics, installing security alarm systems within your business premise or place of residence makes it less attractive to the would-be and active intruders. This is proof that most burglars avoid alarm systems.

With so much invested in your business and most importantly your home, we at Infinity Enterprise recognize this and as such have aligned our services to include the most latest intruder alarm systems that are not only state of the art but scalable and most importantly reliable.

The products that we provide have a wide range of applications, from DIY wireless home applications to commercial building scale solutions. All are reasonably priced but to us, what matters most is that the system we provide fully meets your needs.

So if you want to increase security within your home or business premise, and would like to get more information on the products and services we provide, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


DIY wireless security system

Indoor/Outdoor CCTV systems

Access control & time and attendance systems

Wireless Pan/Tilt monitoring camera with motion sensors

Telephone recording systems

Detection sensors